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Latest News:  EPCG to pay transmission costs.   Puletic and Tahirovic held into custody.   Regular pensions and implementation of social card.   

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30 December 2014 15:26 pm
EPCG to pay transmission costs

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) - The companies involved in generation of electricity are obliged to pay for the transmission service, says the Chairman of Board of the Energy Regulatory Agency (RAE), Branislav Prelevic, adding that these costs should be covered by Elektroprivreda (EPCG), rather than ... >> More >>

29 December 2014 14:13 pm
Puletic and Tahirovic held into custody

Podgorica, (MINA) - After hearing in the Higher Public Prosecution in Bijelo Polje, doctors Zvonko Puletic and Haka Tahirovic were held in custody, while employees of the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG) Lj.D, F.V and S.J, after hearing in Podgorica were released from custody, it was stated b... >> More >>

26 December 2014 16:21 pm
Regular pensions and implementation of social card

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) - The Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Predrag Boskovic, says that the social policy will focus on the regular payment of pensions next year, as well as on full implementation of social card system, and fight against negative elements in the labour market. Bos... >> More >>

23 December 2014 22:40 pm
New political movement established

Podgorica, (MINA) - The Civic Movement will fight for a civic state, democratic replacement of government and Euro-Atlantic values and will cooperate with anyone who wants to bring about change in the society, which at this moment excludes the Democratic Party of Socialists, a press conference was... >> More >>



28 November 2015 00:32 am
Ministry supports reconstruction of schools and playgrounds
28 November 2015 00:31 am
Turkish Airlines helps Montenegro and Turkey establish connections
28 November 2015 00:29 am
Call for the best article launched
28 November 2015 00:28 am
Negotiation focuses on economic conditions
28 November 2015 00:27 am
PUPI presses charges against Pajovic
27 November 2015 00:36 am
Simplification of tourist arrival procedures announced
27 November 2015 00:35 am
Memorandum of cooperation for the Adriatic-Ionian Motorway signed
27 November 2015 00:35 am
Outflow €75.2 million
27 November 2015 00:33 am
Cyber attacks and abuse of profiles
27 November 2015 00:33 am
Government’s economic policy has a negative impact on poverty and resources
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28 November 2015 00:36 am
Citizens still unfamiliar with NATO membership issue
28 November 2015 00:35 am
Ticket for more challenging phase of relations with NATO
28 November 2015 00:35 am
Institutions making progress, but more must be done
28 November 2015 00:35 am
Bachelor and master degrees do not have necessary quality
28 November 2015 00:34 am
Montenegro remains continuity in implementation of reforms
28 November 2015 00:32 am
Cooperation to be improved through study visits
27 November 2015 00:40 am
Vujanovic: US opinion will help Montenegro to receive invitation
27 November 2015 00:39 am
DF expects support of citizens in protest in Niksic
27 November 2015 00:39 am
Integrity of police in Montenegro impaired
27 November 2015 00:39 am
Luksic: Regional cooperation remains key priority
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