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Latest News:  Radulovic: Metalac can survive .   Innovations and training transform agriculture into agribusiness.   Farmers to resolve their problems together.   

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18 September 2014 14:41 pm
Radulovic: Metalac can survive

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) - Relying on its experience, workers and equipment, the Niksic-based company Montavar Metalac can survive in a competitive market, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Branko Radulovic and the company's workers concluded at a meeting. The Office of the Deputy Speaker sa... >> More >>

18 September 2014 14:39 pm
Innovations and training transform agriculture into agribusiness

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) - Agriculture is no longer a social category, and the investments in research, innovations and technologies, as well as the training of farmers, transform social agriculture into agribusiness, said the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Petar Ivanovic. H... >> More >>

17 September 2014 15:28 pm
Farmers to resolve their problems together

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) - According to representatives of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, the farmers from the northern region should be united in resolving their problems related to the lack of funds, fragmented households, and access to the European funds. The Head of Political, Europea... >> More >>

17 September 2014 15:26 pm
Government ready to additionally stimulate investors

Budva, (MINA-BUSINESS) - The Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said at the Milocer Development Forum that the Government was ready to provide a systemic support to the creative economy and additionally stimulate investors. He underlined that creativeness was necessary in order to attract investors... >> More >>



22 September 2014 00:59 am
Montenegro presented in Barcelona
22 September 2014 00:59 am
Tax burden to be shared equally
22 September 2014 00:58 am
Value of construction works up by 17 percent
22 September 2014 00:58 am
Effective interest rate slightly higher in July
22 September 2014 00:57 am
Loss exceeds €80,000
22 September 2014 00:57 am
Debt amounts to €75.9 million
22 September 2014 00:56 am
Montenegro suffers fewer consequences
22 September 2014 00:55 am
Southern Gas Corridor opens new prospects for the energy industry
20 September 2014 00:33 am
Infrastructure and energy to boost cooperation
20 September 2014 00:32 am
Aspects of business climate discussed
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22 September 2014 01:03 am
Option of cooperation with DPS and opposition in same time never existed
22 September 2014 01:02 am
Ready to continue mission in Afghanistan
22 September 2014 01:01 am
Steinacker: Negotiations go well, a lot of work yet to be done
22 September 2014 01:01 am
Positive Montenegro not to be DPS’s power cable
22 September 2014 01:00 am
Montenegro’s NATO membership to affect on citizens of Serbia
22 September 2014 01:00 am
Posa: NATO doors open for getting invitation
20 September 2014 00:36 am
Agreement between SDP and DPS dubbed shameful
20 September 2014 00:35 am
Suhih: I will try to preserve Assembly’s reputation
20 September 2014 00:35 am
Coric proposed as DIK Secretary
20 September 2014 00:34 am
Ministry to assess increase of salaries next week
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  Montenegro Daily
18 March 2014 09:25 am
Darko Saric arrested
12 March 2014 09:31 am
Government urged to investigate allegations on buying off votes
11 March 2014 09:20 am
Termination of agreement with USA requirement for chapter 31
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